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Headache Relief with Massage Therapy 10 pack (bhea)

Headache Relief with Massage Therapy 10 pack

headache relief with massage therapy brochure describes the many types of headaches and their common causes. Explains how massage can help relieve headaches by releasing tight muscles, reducing scar tissue, promoting healing, improving postural habits and reducing anxiety.

BROCHURE EXCERPTS: "Massage helps relieve headaches by releasing tight, shortened muscles, trigger points, and fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles and other structures) in the neck and head. When muscles and fascia relax and become more pliable, pressure lessens on nerves and blood vessels and circulation improves." " Whatever type of headache you have, the relaxing and invigorating effects of massage can relieve tension and lift your mood. When you focus on the pleasant sensation of relaxation the persistent grip of pain recedes. The nervous system calms and your breath slows and deepens, restoring a feeling of well-being and energy."

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