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Aromatherapy 10 pack Massage Brochures (baro)

Aromatherapy 10 pack Massage Brochures

These massage brochures present the history and effects of aromatherapy, including its benefits of stress relief, relaxation, and mood elevation. Describes how essential oils enhance massage, skin care, spa treatments, and nursing care.

EXCERPTS: "Remember the calming scent of a rose in summer or the bracing aroma of evergreen needles on a snowy day? Natural scents, arising from plantsí essential oils, can enrich your life and offer relief from daily stresses. Now called aromatherapy, the use of plant aromatics is one of the most beloved of ancient health and beauty therapies." "We are very sensitive to odors. Olfactory nerves process odors through the part of the brain called the limbic system, which is connected to moods, emotions, basic drives and memories. Research suggests that odors called pheromones may even influence our choice of partners. When we inhale a scent, our olfactory system is alerted and our physical or psychological reaction can be instantaneous."

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