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Massage and Recovery 10 pack Brochures (brec)

Massage and Recovery 10 pack Brochures

Massage and recovery brochures explains to people in recovery, and their counselors, how massage supports healing, from relaxation to emotional release. Useful for anyone healing from trauma; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; addictions; or eating disorders.


"Massage can support you throughout your recovery in a number of ways. Massage can relieve tension, improve your physical health, and give you more energy to face life’s challenges. It can comfort and support you emotionally through a time of difficult change. Massage is also a safe place to experience positive touch and to reconnect with your body and your emotions.""The safe, comforting, and non-sexual touch of massage can help you focus on feeling your body again. You can experience your body as a source of good feelings. Because massage cares for your body without judging, it can help you accept your body, and yourself, just as you are."

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